Construction happening at St Clair

Construction at St Clair

It's been a long time, but, there's finally something happening in the vacant lot next door. The surprise for many is that the vacant lot is not where the construction will be, rather that's the base site for operations on the building behind the vacant lot - the last little cottage, which is in between The Hydro, and Spirit House. See below for more info.

Construction here will be taking place over the next 12 months. The changes you will see to the footpath and parking between The Hydro Building and Starfish are just going to be a temporary closures during week days over this year period. Un-fortunately it's not the prettiest thing to look at, but it is at least interesting to watch, I'd recommend stopping by for a gander! 

It's this immediate period of major earth works which will be taking place over the next few months that will likely cause the most disruptions for us 'the public'. We urge you all to keep on life as usual, and tackle the Esplanade as you normally chose. A couple of parks will be missing, but there's plenty more around, and there will be noise sometimes but the weekends will be quiet as usual, and the restaurants, cafes and our shop will be trading as usual. Large construction machinery and trucks will be coming and going from the site, and there may be some times where they slow the traffic on The Esplanade strip, but there will be traffic officials helping manage these times. If you desperately need to hurtle your road rage and abuse, they'll all be well marked in Fluro uniforms and hard hats.

We will be documenting the changes and putting up regular posts with updates and how-to tips to handle the construction site on our Facebook, and this Hydro Surf Blog. Stay tuned.

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