Tip Top Ice Cream at Hydro Surf


A trip to the beach is never complete without an ice cream. And despite many eateries making the St Clair Esplanade their home, finding a quick ice block on a stick for the kids (or anyone for that matter) can be tricky. But we have you covered with a good range of all the Tip Top classics that every kiwi knows & loves. Even if you are caked in sand & soaking wet from enjoying the beach, you are always welcome to pop in for a sneaky ice cream. 

We also carry all those other items that make your day at the beach more enjoyable because we know just how easy it is to accidently sit on your sunnies, lose your sun screen, forget your towel, have the wind blow your hat away, pop a jandel plug or have your ears full of water.
Tip Top have been around for over 80 years, having started in Wellington as a humble ice cream parlour & have made multiple generations happy with their frozen treats. Many of which have stood the test of time such as the Jelly Tip & Rocky Road from the 1950’s, Trumpet & Fruju from the 1960’s, Popsicle & Choc Bar from the 70’s & Goody Goody Gum Drops from the 80’s.
Their Age & variety of products means they also created some pretty classic ads & posters over the years too. Keep scrolling for a trip down memory lane.

Hokey Pokey, the ultimate kiwi classic.  

Popsicle, every kids favorite.

Only $0.04 are you kidding!!!

Who can forget this one.

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