Hypto Krypto Surfboards from Haydenshapes.

We have some brand new Hypto Krypto Surfboard by Haydenshapes in store & online.

We have some brand new Hypto Krypto’s by Haydenshapes in store & online. The Hypto Krypto has been not only one of Haydenshapes most popular models but one of the most popular board models from any shaper worldwide. They have been so popular that in the time between the boards landing in our store & writing this blog post, we only have four left.

Part of their popularity has to do with the fact that the Hypto has won the surf industries award for best surfboard two years in a row (2014-2015). Another big part of its popularity comes down to its versatility. Many average Joe surfers like the Hypto in smaller surf because of its larger than average surface area & volume, enabling them to paddle well & catch small waves with ease while maintaining the ability to perform once up & riding. Yet pro surfers including Craig Anderson enjoy the Hypto most in heavy overhead waves. The Hypto’s high volume helps him to paddle into larger waves & its short length (Craig rides a 5’4” Hypto) lets him take off late or under the lip without worrying about catching the nose. Then once he is on the wave the Hypto’s rounded pin tail keeps him locked in the barrel.

But it’s not just the Hypto’s shape that makes it a great ‘one board quiver’, its construction also plays a big part in its overall design & functionality. The carbon fibre around the rails act as a stringer, giving the board just the right amount of flex. These rails have the added ability to store & release energy as the surfer transitions between turns. Built from an ESP core & epoxy resin the Hypto is lighter & tougher than your traditional PU surfboard construction. All boards come with FCS 2 plugs & we have both thruster & five fin options. Don’t be put off by its length or lack thereof, the Hypto is designed to be ridden shorter than your standard shortboard.   

Hayden & Craig can probably do a much better job describing how fun this board is so scroll down to see what they have to say about the Hypto Krypto.

Haydenshapes founder & head designer Hayden Cox explains the finer details of the Hypto Krypto. 

Craig Anderson chats about why he likes his Hypto Krypto.

Craig Anderson riding his Hypto Krypto on 'that wave'.

Some techie details for the tech heads out there.

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