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2018 Surf Trip Gear Guide

2018 Surf Trip Gear guide.

Tropical surf trips are great if you’re well prepared but a nightmare if you’re not. Check out our surf trip gear guide below & fill any holes in your surf travel kit.

Sunscreen is an absolute must. Aloe Up is reef friendly & good for your skin & comes in a bunch of different SPF's & sizes to suit everyone. Sun Zapper is Australia's favorite zinc brand & will stand up to the harsh tropical sun & protect your face. 

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The New FCS Freedom Leash is the best, most innovative leash you can buy. No nicks, no tangles, lighter & thinner. Feels like surfing with no leash at all!

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Your head cops the most sun in the surf so protect it with a Surf Hat. Our favorite is the Bucket hat as it shades your neck too! If your bald, these hats are a must.

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You can guarantee you’ll ding you’re board in the middle of nowhere. Just use Solarez & fix it yourself in mere minutes! Comes in a neat wee travel case so the tubes won't get squashed in transit.

The JS Forget Me Not will get you that early roll-in, then you just set your line & get the tube of your life! Used by many WCT surfers at Cloudbreak, Teahupo'o & Pipeline.  

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Your taking more than one board right!? Make sure they get there in one piece with the FCS Triple All Purpose Travel Cover.

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Your fins are often over looked when traveling but lets face it, your surfboards is going to be rather useless without them. Protect, store and transport your fin collection safely with this FCS Fin Wallet. 

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Travel hack: Wax your boards before you leave so you can get straight off the plane & into the water! The Pickle is great at removing old wax & Matunas Surf Wax is 100% Eco-Friendly! 

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Liive make nice, simple, quality sunnies to keep it low key as you breeze through customs.

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FCS Luggage is made especially for traveling surfers! They even include waterproof compartments for wet gear. Perfect for all your day to day items.

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Keep all your wet surf stuff contained & keep everything else dry when in transit with the FCS Wet Bag. 

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Use a Poncho Towel to get changed & dry yourself off at the same time without anyone seeing ya bits! Functional & stylish. Comes in a kid’s size too!

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Cover your pasty NZ rig with our very own Hydro Surf mrech so you don’t offend the locals. 

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The Bellroy Passport Wallet is great for keeping all your important documents together in a stylish manner.

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Grab a fresh pair of boardshorts & enjoy not wearing a damp, cold wettie!

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Wearing shoes & socks in the tropics is gross, wear jandels. We've got everything from your basic rubber tri pluggo right up to those fancy Fanning ones that can open Bintangs for you!

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Fights & airport layovers are boring, but reading about surfing makes it fun! Check out our selection of interesting surf books & magazines. If reading isn't your thing, that's ok cause they are all jam packed with heaps of great photos too.

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Do you get sun burnt easily? Try a rash top. Rip Curl UV Surf Tees are designed for maximum performance and protection in all watersports and outdoor activities. These garments offer certified 50+ UPF protection!

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Check out the reef on those flat days with the Hydro Tech2 Fins! These fins are the most user friendly and ergonomically designed surfing fin available. The patented "V" rail design provides greater surface area for extra thrust too which is great.

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The reef will show you no mercy so look after yourself with a Gath Helmet & reef booties.
Gath are the most well known water sport helmet brand & for good reason. they make a range of helmets to help suit everyone's needs. Our favorite is the Gath Surf Convertible helmet. 

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This Patagoina Big Wave Vest will let you charge harder & float back up faster. With flexible foam panels for additional flotation and impact protection, the formfitting Patagoina R1® Padded Big Wave Vest will give you that extra bit of confidence & piece of mind in bigger surf. The panels are strategically placed so you can still paddle easily. 

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If your not one of the lucky ones heading overseas this winter, don't get too down in the dumps. Just think about how uncrowded it will be & the waves will probably be firing too! if you need some new rubber to keep yourself warm, we have a great selection of wetsuits for you to choose from right HERE.

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