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SOLITE, Game Changing Booties!

solite Booties, light & warm with custom molding TECHNOLOGY.

The biggest technological advance in surf booties ever!

Solite Booties are the world’s first heat moldable booties that you can custom mold to your very own feet in the comfort of your own home! Plus they are super light & extra warm! We have two models in stock, The top of the line Solite 6mm Custom Pro will be the warmest, lightest, best fitting boot you have ever worn. While the Solite 3mm Custom boot offers the Heat Moldable Custom Fit Technology, without some of the bells & whistles offered in the Pro model.

Left: The Solite 3mm Custom Heat Moldable Boot. Right: The Solite 6mm Custom Pro Heat Moldable Boot

So Why Custom Fit Your Booties?

Custom molding Solite booties ensures the perfect fit! No more tripping over the toes, no more water filling up your booties & a more comfortable fit. Most importantly, they feel much closer to surfing barefoot than any boot before it, giving you more control & increasing performance.

Solite booties have been designed & tested in the Northeast USA (where it's cold) over five years. We've been testing the Solite booties this winter down south & we can safely say that these Solite heat molded booties are head & shoulders above the rest! 

Watch to see just how quick & easy it is to custom fit Solite boots to your very own feet using the Solite Heat Molding Technology! 

But Wait, There's More!

The Solite 6mm custom Pro booties has even more to offer than just its Heat Molding Technology. It features an internal split-toe to lock your foot inside the boot for increased performance, 1mm vulcanized rubber sole pods for barefoot board feel, 6mm neoprene upper with quad-sealed seams, full wrap ankle strap with a molded hook strap, tatex heel spine & laminated heel pull for durability & easy on, high pile quick-dry lining to retain heat & increase comfort, and a double-lined 4mm O-ring cuff seal provides a durable, seamless barrier against flushing with lower bulk.


All of these extra features combined with the Heat Molding Technology is what makes Solite Boots the warmest, lightest, best fitting, most durable & innovative, high performance wetsuit boot available today!

Our favorite YouTube surfboard reviewer Noel Salas gives us is unbiased opinion on Solite Boots.

But What's With Those Socks!?

By design, Solite Boots don't have any plush lining material inside the lower portion (the heat-moldable portion) of the boot. While such plush lining ads a layer of warmth and comfort in regular wetsuit booties, it is also the primary reason why regular booties stink to high-heaven after a few uses, and also why they take forever to dry. This lining material is a hot-bed for bacteria from your feet to form and hang out. Since it is very difficult for fresh air to circulate inside booties, the moistness in the lining material breeds bacteria formation and the cycle of stink is very difficult to break.

Solite Boots' sole is molded from an anti-microbial thermo-foam that dries quickly and therefore makes it difficult for bacteria to form inside the boot. Many surfers love the feel of foot directly against this foam as it gives the most direct, barefoot-like response from foot to board. However, for those who miss the cushiness or extra warmth provided by lining materials, Solite have developed the Heat Booster Split Toe Sock. The benefits of this sock are substantial:


  1. The polyester/nylon/spandex material ads a layer of insulation for a few extra degrees of warmth.
  2. The fibers of this material blend don't absorb water and dry quickly.
  3. They can be machine washed/dried to eliminate bacteria formation immediately and give you fresh, clean socks for your next session.
  4. The low-friction surface makes putting on your wetsuit and boots much easier.
  5. The socks work great for the Solite Heat Molding process, providing a little breathing room for your toes inside the boot.

Heat Booster socks come FREE with all Solite Custom Pro Heat Moulding Booties!

We have Solite Booties both in-store & online so come in & see for yourself just how much of a difference something as simple as a new pair of booties can make to your surfing!

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