New Channel Islands Quiver

Our 'New' Channel Islands Quiver Has Arrived!

We’ve got a whole quiver’s worth of new Channel Islands surfboards in-store and online! Now with a total of six different CI models to choose from, you can pick a blade for whatever kind of waves you love to surf the most. Or you can completely kit out your own quiver with a different CI board for every occasion. Check out our latest Channel Islands quiver below:

Happy Step-Up: Channel Islands have taken the latest flagship high performance model (which already excelled in quality waves!) and have tweaked it to create the perfect modern day high performance step-up. The most obvious change is the round pin tail for added hold in bigger, more powerful waves. There are also some subtle updates to the concaves, plus a lower entry rocker and more foam under the chest for extra paddle power.

This Is The Board For You If: You love hunting big tubes but still want to tear the bag once you’ve been spat out!
Check out the Happy Step-Up HERE

*We also stock the CI Happy in the regular squash tail for those of you who don't like hunting big barrels.

Fever: Mick Fanning chose the Fever as the winning board in Stab Magazine’s 2019 Stab In The Dark! The goal when creating the Fever was to build a more accessible world tour level performance board that anyone can have a blast on and they certainly delivered. It’s almost the perfect everyday all-round shortboard for your typical New Zealand surf conditions. The subtle single concave combined with a lower rocker profile give the Fever a massive sweet spot. A favourite with our Hydro Team!

This Is The Board For You If: You surf a wide variety of conditions and want one board to do it all.

Find your new Fever HERE

Black Beauty: Still one of Channel Islands most popular step-ups! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? Longer boards are coming back in vogue and for good reason. The longer rail line allows for more drawn out turns on larger waves the extra length helps to create more drive too. While most will think back to Tom Curren effortlessly going top to bottom at J-Bay, don’t sleep on black beauty’s tube worthiness, cause she’s an absolute tube pig too!  

This Is The Board For You If: You want to channel your inner Tom Curren and surf solid waves with speed, power and flow.

Score yourself Black Beauty HERE

Ultra Joe: An incredibly versatile board for anyone from beginner/intermediate surfers, all the way to more advanced surfers. The Ultra Joe is a slightly souped-up/trimmed down version of the Average Joe, featuring a double-bump squash tail, narrower nose and updated rocker profile. A great next step for those progressing from a mini-mal, and super fun for better surfers to buzz around on when the surfs lacking size and punch.

This Is The Board For You If: You want to have maximum fun with minimum effort regardless of your abilities.

Grab an Ultra Joe HERE

Rocket Wide: A small wave weapon! Short and wide to skate across fat sections with ease, plus just enough extra foam up front to aid paddling without hindering performance. The Rocket Wide blends speed and control so you can get the most performance (and fun) out of the small days while everyone else is doing the Huntington hop on their bladed out 5’11”s.

This Is The Board For You If: You’re not gonna let some summer slop ruin your surf and take your small wave surfing to another level.

Pick up a new Rocket Wide HERE

So, which of these Channel Islands models has your name on it? You can check out all the dim’s and details online, or chuck one under yer arm in-store and see how they feel.

Channel Islands make soooo many different surfboard models it can be hard to choose what’s best for your surfing. We chose to stock these particular models as they are some of CI’s most popular, top performing sticks. So if your stressing over which one’s best for you, you can relax as they are all great boards.

If you’ve got any questions about any of these boards (or surfboards in general), make sure you hit us up and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Shop Channel Islands Surfboards Online HERE

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