Solite Boots: Size Guide & Custom Heat Molding Instructions.

Choosing the right size solite boot:

Solite Boots provide the highest performance, warmth, and comfort if they are sized and fitted correctly. Here’s our Solite fitting guide to help you choose the correct size for your unique foot shape and ensure the best fit:

If you have Average to Wide Feet:

You should purchase your regular shoe size or half a size smaller.  You want your new Solite Boots to feel tight out of the box, because the heat molding process will stretch them just enough to the perfect size. If your boots feel too big out of the box in any way, shape or form (length/width/arch), then we suggest you go down a size. Remember, even if they feel tight out of the box, heat molding will expand the boots to a perfectly snug and comfortable fit.

NOTE: If you plan to use the 1mm Heat Booster Socks inside your boots, you possibly may not have to size down. In fact, if you have wide feet you may even want to size up by half a size if you plan to use the 1mm Heat Booster Socks. For example, if you are a wide size 10.5 and plan on using the 1mm Heat Booster Socks, a size 11 may actually be a better fit. This is particularly applicable to the 6mm boots, which won't stretch in the heat-molding process as much as 3mm boots.

If you have Narrow or Low-Volume Feet:

You can most likely size down 1 to even 2 sizes from your regular shoe size. During the heat-molding process, the boot will stretch to fit your length, and reduce in volume to hug your narrower foot. Once again, the 3mm Boots tend to stretch more easily during heat-molding than the 6mm boots, so keep this in mind when choosing your Solite Boots.

Womens Sizing: 

Solite Boots are all sized in US Men’s sizing. To convert from US Men’s sizing to your US Women’s sizing, go 1 to 1.5 sizes lower to find the correct fit. For example if you would normally wear a Women’s size 8, you Solite Boot size will be a size 7. If you wear a Women’s size 7.5, your Solite Boot size would also be a size 7.

If you have any questions about which size to buy, please e-mail us at:

Solite boots heat molding & custom fitting instructions:

Solite Boots are the world's first and only custom, heat molded surf booties. There is no need to make appointments with instore boot fitters or anything like that as custom fitting can be done in your home with nothing more than a kettle of boiling water. To heat-mold your Solite boots, watch the video below and follow the step by step instructions carefully. Do not use any other methods of heat molding except boiling water. Any use of ovens, microwaves, heat guns or other heat sources will void the warranty on your pair of Solite Boots.

Step by step guide for solite boots:

1) Boil approximately three cups of water.

2) While you wait for the water to boil, roll down the cuffs of your Solite Boots and place them in the sink. 

3) Once water comes to a boil, slowly pour it into your Solite boots (in the sink), filling each boot to just slightly below the seam where the neoprene upper is attached to the sole. See photo below.

4) Wait for five minutes for the boiling water to soften the sole material of the boots.

5) After five minutes, slowly and carefully pour out the hot water from your Solite boot (best to do this one boot at a time) and quickly rinse the inside of the boot with cold water to lower the surface temperature enough to prevent burning your foot. Test the temperature inside the boot with your hand as you will want to get your foot in as warm as you can comfortably stand.

6) Put your Solite Heat Booster socks on. The Heat Booster socks will help allow for a little extra space when the boots are being molded

7) Put your foot inside your Solite Boot while wearing the Heat Booster sock. Make sure your big toe sits comfortably in the toe cavity and your heel is flush in the heel pocket.

8) Repeat both Steps 6 and 7 for your other boot.

9) Secure the boots ankle straps if your chosen Solite Boot model has straps.

10) Walk around inside your house in your Solite boots for the next 10 minutes as they mold to your feet.

11) Once your Solite Boots have cooled down to room temperature, the molding process is complete!

12) If you are unhappy with the final fit after the heat molding process, you can re-mold your Solite Boots whenever you want by repeating the same steps above. Your Solite boots should feel completely comfortable and secure, as if it’s part of your own foot.

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