2021 JS Surfboards Range

2021 JS surfboards Range

We've got five new JS Surfboard models in stock which cover almost every wave conditions, surfing style, body type and ability! JS Surfboards have always been world leaders when it comes to high performance surfboards for elite surfers but in the last few years they’ve branched out and created some excellent funboards for those who normally rip on a shortboard, and more forgiving shortboards for those who want to start ripping a bit harder too. Check out these five new surfboards from JS, including two new Occy Pro Models!

Occy still ripping the bag on his new JS Pro Model and mopping the floor with Tom Curren at Bells Beach at the ripe old age of 54! So what's your excuse???

Occy with his two latest pro models The Raging Bull (left) and The Bullseye (right).

Occy Pro Models: The Raging Bull & The Bullseye

At 54 years old former world champ Occy still froths like at grom but just like the rest of us, he ain’t getting any younger. While his body might not let him surf quite like he did in his prime, he still wants to surf as good as possible and be able to snag set waves off all those pesky grommets without busting a gut! The Raging Bull & The Bullseye make up Occy’s ultimate two board quiver to cover almost all conditions and we really like the idea of these boards acting as a two board quiver. Since they share a lot of DNA and are quite similar at first glance, it makes for almost no adjustment period when swapping between the two boards when conditions change.

The Raging Bull is Occy’s go to for when the waves are good to pumping. It’s a user friendly board that has the ability to handle heavy waves and powerful surfers. Packed full of foam in all the right places and a mellow entry rocker makes it a breeze for the old boys to navigate the lineup and most importantly get into waves early, but still has enough kick out the tail to fit into waves with more curve. Its traditional single to double concave keeps things stable and predictable in bigger waves and help going rail to rail feel more intuitive. A pulled in round tail finishes this board off nicely and aids with control/hold when the waves are firing.

Occ grabs his Bullseye whenever the waves are looking a bit small or gutless. Compared to its big bro The Raging Bull, The Bullseye is slightly wider, has its wide point pushed forward a tad, a relaxed entry rocker and even more foam under the chest. All of these attributes give The Bullseye even more paddle power and instant acceleration once up and riding! The bottom concave of vee in the front, moderate single to double out the back keeps this board very user friendly and makes for smooth and easy rail to rail transitions. Again it features a nicely pulled in round tail to help round out your turns but still has just enough rocker in the tail so you can bash any section you choose.

If you feel like your surfing has lost a step lately due to your age or fitness, then these are the perfect boards to have under your feet. Take a leaf out of Occ’s book and make high performance surfing easy. 

Remember more foam = more fun!

Occy Froth !!!

We’ve been on such an Occy buzz since these boards showed up so we thought we’d share some of our favourite Occy clips with you. We've been watching these on repeat!

We have three more new JS surfboard models: The Black BaronThe Monsta Box 2020 and The Forget Me Not II. Each of these boards are designed with completely different conditions in mind and would complete a near perfect three board quiver for those who really wanna push their surfing as hard as possible in all surf conditions. Check them out below!

The Black Baron: The first ever JS twinnie is exactly what you think it would be, a high performance, versatile board that’s super fun, fast and forgiving. It’s been Parko’s favourite board since he retired from the CT and describes it as old school speed with new school flair. If you thought a high performance twin was an oxymoron, this board will change your mind!

Monsta Box 2020: The perfect mix of the JS Monsta (high performance shortboard for good waves) and the JS Black Box (high performance shortboard for weak waves). The Monsta Box is one of the best and most versatile daily drivers currently available. If you’re looking for a one board quiver to do it all, the Monsta Box could be for you. This model comes in both 'A Dims' & 'B Dims'.

Forget Me Not II: This thing is a blade! Wanna rip in solid, pumping surf then this is the weapon for you! The honor roll for this board is ridiculous: Parko and Julian winning Pipe and Triple Crowns; Dusty Winning Haleiwa; Jeremy, Ace, Julian and Owen all winning Teahupo’o; Jeremy winning Pipe twice; Owen winning Cloudbreak with two perfect 20 point heats!

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