Best Wetsuits For Surfing Through A New Zealand Winter 2022

Hydro Surf’s Favourite / best wetsuits and Neoprene For surfing in Winter 2022

As T-Baby once said - ‘It’s so cold in the D’. While she may have been referring to her home town of Detroit, many of us down here in the dirty south can relate. Surfing through a New Zealand winter can have its challengers but the rewards include uncrowded line-ups and clean, long period swells.
Every winter we see improvements in wetsuit technology, making the colder temps more bearable and accessible. Below you’ll find the new neoprene that our team loves and will be using this southern hemisphere winter.

Of course the best wetsuit for you is the one that fits your body properly, so take all of our recommendations with a grain of salt and always try on a wetsuit before you buy if you’re unfamiliar with how a particular brands wetsuits fit your body.

We get that not everyone always has the coin to by the latest fandangle Psycho-Bomb 420mm MegaStretch69er suit, so we’ve included some budget friendly alternatives to complement each of our favourites too.

Winter 2022 Best Surfing Wetsuit: XCEL Drylock

The XCEL Drylock has been a staple in the south. This time tested design has proven itself to provide everything a surfer needs to make it through harsh winters. Xcel have ensured that everyone can keep warm too, providing Drylock suits in an array of options including 4/3mm, 5/4mm and even 6/5mm thicknesses, hooded or regular versions in both Men’s and Women’s shapes. XCEL also make the Drylock in all those in-between sizes like Medium-Short or Medium-Tall so finding the perfect fit is a breeze.

Our favourite budget suit for this winter come from the O’Neill Defender/Focus series.

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Winter 2022 Best Surf Booties: Solite 2.0

Well, no surprises here. You’re probably sick of us gushing over how much we love Solite Booties, the game changing surf boot that allows you to custom fit the boots to your very own feet from the comfort of your own home. Well you’re just going to have to get used to it because late last year Solite launched version 2.0!!! For version 2.0 Solite have taken all the knowledge gained from the original boot to create a vastly superior boot to anything we’ve ever seen! They really are that good.

The Solite boots can be pretty pricey so if you’re penny pinching, we recommend looking at the C-Skin Blackout booties.

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Winter 2022 Best Wetsuit Hood For Surfing: XCEL Insulate-X Thermal Hooded Vest

Another XCEL staple that we simply can’t pry ourselves from. The inclusion of the vest works really well, holding the hood securely in place throughout the duration of your session. Its thermo lined for added warmth and includes flat seam construction so it won’t leave a rash that ends up looking like a gross hicky. To top it off the pull cord lets you keep a good seal around your face, eliminating flushing while duck diving or getting rag-dolled.

XCEL also make a great budget friendly option in the Axis Surf Cap. Because it’s not a full hood and leaves your neck exposed, it gives you more mobility which some surfers actually prefer.

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Winter 2022 Best Neoprene Gloves For Surfing: XCEL Infiniti

When it comes to surf gloves things can be a bit hit or miss, and a lot of this comes down to how heavy they make your hands feel. If the gloves feel heavy on your hands (be it the product itself is heavy or let in water making your hands feel heavy) it will make paddling harder/slower and you will become tired much sooner…. No fun at all. The XCEL Infiniti gloves have solved all our glove issues and will be on our filthy mitts this winter. They’re warm, grippy, light, agile and available in both 1.5mm and 3mm.

If you’re after a nice pair of surfing gloves on the cheap, we recon you check out the O’Neill Defender Gloves as they are a pretty solid all round glove.

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Now you may have noticed a bit of a trend throughout our favourites list and… well… what can we say, we really do have a soft spot for XCEL but can you blame us!? When it comes to neoprene surf goods XCEL are as core as they come. For forty years XCEL have had a singular focus, to make the best wetsuits possible. No fast fashion, no big marketing campaigns or pro endorsements, no gimmicks. Just products that do the job, no matter your size, shape or gender, and will keep you in the ocean all winter long.

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