Rusty Slayer II - Five Fin Surfboard - FCSII


The Slayer has been a Rusty favorite for 10+ years, and a shop favourite for coming on 5 years. From time to time Slayer riders have asked if we could make it a little looser off the top and bottom. Thus, the Slayer 2 was created.

Slayer 2 has the wide point pulled back towards the midpoint. This tends to pull in the nose and give more curve to the tail section. It has slightly more rocker on both ends and has a light double barrel vee (Slayer 1 has a single concave).

We recommend that the Slayer 1 be ridden 4 inches shorter than your regular performance shortboard but the Slayer 2 should be ridden approximately 2 inches shorter…or even the same length. The foil is more balanced as opposed to the Slayer which, has a fair bit of volume in the front third of the board. For those of you who remember the Traveler, the Slayer 2 is in between that design and the Slayer.

The Slayer 2 is the modern step-up for barreling waves!

Fin System: FCSII - Tri Quad Fin System

Glassing: Full Strength - (6+4oz Deck / 5oz Bottom) + Carbon Fibre on Tail


5'6"        18.25"   2.25"      23.9L

5'7"        18.42"   2.29"      24.92L

5'8"        18.50"   2.35"      26.07L

5'9"        18.60"   2.40"      27.17L

5'10"      18.75"   2.45"      28.38L

5'11"      18.85"   2.50"      29.49L

6'0"        19.00"   2.53"      30.57L

6'1"        19.15"   2.60"      32.10L

6'2"        19.25"   2.65"      33.26L

6'3"        19.40"   2.68"      34.34L

6'4"        19.60"   2.73"      35.81L

6'5"        19.85"   2.77"      37.29L

6'6"        20.00"   2.80"      38.48L

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