Rip Curl Piss off Wetsuit Detergent

Piss Off Wetsuit detergent is the ultimate product in caring for your wetsuit, boots, gloves, hoods or UV tees.  This scientifically developed formula aids in the elimination of bacterial build up in your surfing products to stop those nasty smells that surfers detest.
Regular use of PISS OFF will ensure your product remains soft and supple and smelling better than a fresh block of surf wax!
Prolong the life, flexibility & durability of your surfing products by regularly using PISS OFF.

  • Style: Wetsuit Detergent
  • Wetsuit detergent & disinfectant
  • Non hazardous biodegradable ingredients made to Rip Curl's proprietary formula
  • 250ml Volume
Price: $11.95
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