Farewell & Good Luck to Erin


Customers, Staff, and Suppliers will all miss Erin as Hydro Surf Manager.  Erin will miss Hydro Surf too but not for long – she and husband Mike are soon to be parents to twins! Erin started at Hydro Surf in July 2001 and was so capable she was manager within 12 months. The retail environment has changed hugely during the 13 years Erin has been with Hydro Surf, from the buoyant early 2000’s where everything with a surf label sold, to the surge of online sales that meant major changes to how retail businesses functioned, Erin has embraced all change positively supporting management and staff in the process.  Erin has been such a huge part of Hydro Surf for so long that her leaving really is an end of an era.  She has always been  helpful and friendly to customers, kind and supportive to staff, has developed a close working relationship with suppliers, and has always been 100% loyal to Hydro Surf Management – I will miss her hugely.

On behalf of staff, our suppliers and customers I wish Erin and husband Mike all the best in the next most important stage of their lives – Parenthood and look forward to seeing two wee Wellington’s in the surf in a few years time!

Below are some images that mark Erin’s time at  Hydro Surf – mostly taken at our fun Xmas Parties.

Jamie, James, Erin and Ted Xmas 07

Erin and Luke Xmas 07

Erin Ted, Sarah and Luke Xmas 07

Erin, Jinny, Sarah and Alisa Xmas 07

Erin & Alisa

Erin and Nick at Nick leaving Party Feb 2007

Erin, Nick, Alisa and Simon 2007

Erin Feb 2007

Erin, Leisje and Mike Xmas 2010

Erin and George

George tells Erin how fabulous a manager she has been

Erin looking a bit concerned!

Erin and Mike arriving at farewell party

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