Hydro Surf's 30th Birthday.

Our first shop front on St Clair Beach, Dunedin. Aprox December 1985. Check out the rad old station wagon with singlefin in window reflection!

Hydro Surf 30th Birthday

Blast from the past. We are celebrating Hydro Surf 30th Birthday with a Surf Carnival on the 12th December 2015. Free entry to all divisions; Under 15, Under 18, Expression Sessions (Men & Women), Tag Event (Need 4 x people), Slide Fest, Golden Oldies, X-Hydro Staff Members. $4 Lunch plate on the day, Live Music, After Party at the South Coast Boardriders Club from 7pm

Picture: A young Rod restocking the latest issue of NZ Surfing Magazine in 1985 - the founding year of both Hydro Surf Shop and New Zealand Surfing Magazine. Not a lot to buy in a surf shop back then! Love it.

Many of you will remember these events with South Coast Board Riders Association. With inspiration of the early ways, the surfers have to ride their old mals and wear the old gear they used before wetties - Wool singlets, rugby jerseys and baggy or stubbie shorts. L-R: Al Moore, Rod Rust, Greg Page and Tom Egnott. This event will be a feature in the coming 50th Jubilee of SCBRA, watch out!!

Radical groms at Saint Clair in the 80s. L-R: Giles Bezett, Mike (Mirco) Christiansen, unknown? & Scott Hunter.

Esplanade Surfers

Early surf contest at St Clair back in the days when cars were cool and surfboard decals were too. I beleive this is the lineup for the final. Any help with the competitors pictured? Starting from left - Cooza, Glen Shuker, then Paul Bennet and Steve Teague 

Grom Life

Mike McNally, Rhyse Bartlette, Scott Hunter and Giles Bezett. Groms on the Esplanade.

Greg Page gorilla promo at nationals in Ahipara.

Ross Clarke Jones and Rod Rust in the shop. This was taken between 1999-2001 during the time that the Quiksilver Rex Von Huben Big Wave Challenge was being run in Otago / Southland.

Rod Rust showing off his Nose Guard modification at the Canterbury Champs in '89. After a change in Longboard length regulations Rod's board fell an inch short for the division, but, with a quick bit of thinking he was able to scratch back into the event with the new addition. Cheekily he later went on to win the event, but the Nose Guard trick never lived again.

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