Freedom Leash by FCS

The FCS Freedom Leash 

A Complete Re-Design Creates The Lightest, Strongest Leash Ever!  

FCS spent two years of R&D to create the Freedom Leash & it shows. The goal was to create a leash that was not only lighter but stronger than any other leash before, with the idea being the best leash would feel like you weren't even wearing a leash at all (hence the name Freedom Leash). To reach that goal, every single component of the leash had to be re-designed from scratch. The result has completely changed our perception of how a leash can improve your performance on a surfboard. The sleek, minimalist style helps to reduce weight & drag, while new materials & construction methods have increased strength & durability. Have a look below to see the finer details of the new FCS Freedom Leash.


The first thing you will notice is the cord looks totally different to any Leash you've ever seen before. It's covered by a high tensile over-braided thread. This thread increases strength, enabling the cord to become thinner, lighter & more hydrodynamic. It also helps to reduce tangles, reduce nicks from fins/barnacles/reefs & eliminates over stretching. 


The new cuff is made from neoprene that is only 3mm thick, making it much thinner & lighter than a standard comp leash. The inside is covered with a silicone grip which not only keeps the cuff from moving around on your leg but is incredibly comfortable. A lightweight Molded pull tab makes leash removal much easier than before, & the horn (the plastic bit between the cuff & cord) has been filled with foam to decrease weigh & lengthened to help decrease tangles. 


Like the rest of the new FCS Freedom Leash, the railsaver has been re-designed & looks very different to your standard leash . The minimal & streamlined design creates a rail saver that is lighter & has increased hydrodynamics, reducing drag when surfing. Despite being lighter & thinner than traditional railsavers, new materials & manufacturing methods mean the Freedom Leash railsaver is stronger too.   

The FCS Freedom Leash comes in 6ft & in four different colourways: Black, Blue, Orange & Charcoal/Yellow.

You can find them both in store or online.

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