How To Choose A Gath Helmet

Since Gath helmets are cool again (thanks to Owen Wright, Jeremy Flores, Sebastian Zietz, Kauli Vaast & a slab called Teahupoo), here’s a quick guide to picking the right Gath helmet for you & your needs. No matter whether you’re charging shallow slabs, racing around on jetskis or just trying to navigate a crowded line-up safely, there’s a Gath helmet that’s perfect for you.

Gath Hat: First made in 1989, the Gath Hat still works as well today. A good choice if you want a bit more protection around your upper neck too, due to its closed fit design. Todays updated Gath Hat has a high density EVA Foam for extra protection and comfort. Works well for most water sports.

Gath Surf Convertible: The most popular Gath Helmet today. Designed specifically for surfers, it builds on all the features that made the Gath Hat great but with better mobility and even lighter (open fin design). These design choices make the Gath Surf Convertible more comfortable & maneuverable when in the water. Plus it comes with Gath’s ‘Comfort Strips’ to help you achieve the perfect fit.  

Gath Gedi: The helmet Owen Wright used in Tahiti. The Gath Gedi replaces the EVA foam peak with a 100% hard shell to protect from maximum impact. Like the Gath Surf Convertible, the Gath Gedi has removable ear pieces which can be handy in warm water. Plus it also comes with Gath’s ‘Comfort Strips’. The Gedi is also the largest fitting helmet in the line so it’s perfect for those with a large melon head. If you’re partaking in high speed activities on the water, the Gath Gedi is your helmet.  

Gath Retractable Visor: If you need to keep the sun, wind or water spray off your face, then you should consider the Gath Retractable Visor helmet (Gath RV). The full face visor is fully adjustable, allowing you to choose whether you want to cover just your eyes, half you face or cover everything. Like the Gath Hat, the Gath Retractable Visor has a closed fit which provides a bit more protection around the back of the head & neck.

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