Creatures of Leisure PROTO 1,4 Tailpad

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Creatures of Leisure PROTO1.4 Tailpad


Prototype after prototype, test after test, Creatures worked with World Champs Mick Fanning + Italo Ferreira to revolutionise the gold standard in traction. Re-inventing traction through Moulded Technology, PROTO™1.4 provides the world-first multi-directional grip pattern, MULTI-LOC™, to lock your foot in place. A PRO-FORM arch gives cushioned support, and a RECOIL kick helps lift projection through critical manoeuvres. In our aim to make a product that is BUILT better, moulded technology has allowed us to dramatically reduce our manufacturing waste.

The Ugly Truth:

Traction has been left in the dust. Nearly 50 years from its creation, traction has yet to take the giant revolutionary leap like surfboards, leashes, wetsuits, fins and boardshorts have. Surf grip is still made using the same inefficient and limiting processes as it has for decades. Currently, making one tail pad creates 67%* EVA foam waste. And with anywhere from 13 to 24 Million surfboards being sold each year, it’s an ugly truth that produces a mountain of EVA foam off-cuts and dust.

Why is Moulded Traction Built Better:

Instead of cutting from blank EVA foam blocks, every element is injection-shaped for ultimate precision.

PROTO™1.4’s moulded tech reduces waste to just 5%!

We mix in EcoPure® organic additive to the EVA formula ensuring the material biodegrades at its end of life. 

The end result is an ultra-precise tail pad that creates radically less waste and ultimate performance.

More grip. Less waste.

That’s the difference.

What about Performace:

Because moulded technology offers unlimited potential, we no longer had the archaic constraints of routing, cutting and sanding. 

We worked with World Champs Mick Fanning and Italo Ferreira to re-imagine traction as we know it. And when it comes to performance, they each have radically different approaches and preferences...

Mick Fanning: 5'11" natural foot with a fundamental approach that's calculated and precise.

Italo Ferreira: 5'7" goofy foot with explosive, unpredictable flair and a massive bag of tricks.

With 4X World Titles and an Olympic Gold medal between them, we had the confidence to raise the bar.

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