Vince Neel Hand Shaped Mid Twin
Vince Neel Hand Shaped Mid Twin

Vince Neel Hand Shaped Mid Twin

Vince Neel Hand Shaped Mid Twin

Vince Neel Hand Shaped Mid Twin

Vince Neel Hand Shaped Mid Twin

Vince Neel Hand Shaped Mid Twin

Vince Neel Hand Shaped Mid Twin

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Hand shaped and glassed right here at home in Ōtepoti/Dunedin. 

On a trip traveling around New Zealand in his van, Vinny found himself at home within a humbling and uncrowded piece of coast line, which also happened to be home to a crew of like minded folk. With the intentions of only staying for a few months, Vinny is still kicking it in Dunnos surfing pumping waves and shaping boards for our locally owned surf shop here in St Clair Dunedin. 

Growing up, Vinny was fortunate enough to have tution from veteran shapers in the realm of what is defined as traditional, or modern-alternative shaped boards in todays surfing world. This knowledged passed down is shown in each board that he shapes, which we describe as authentic peices of contemporary work drawing from the designs’ puriest form. Heres a good way to put it, just because you can play the drums, it doesn’t mean you can play jazz, there's more to it. 


The idea of these mid twins is to have a board that glides and trims, but can also be pushed on rail when the oppurtunity presents its self. This is achieved by a relatively low rocker throughout, but with enough curve in the tail to make a tight arc. These mid-twins feature a flat bottom starting in the nose that transitions into a subtle double concave before the fins, then back to flat off the top of the tail. They have a beak nose which shifts into a bevel on the deck, keeping the deck rather flat and more volume close to the rails. In the back half of the board the bevel transitions into a rather “standard” rail shape to allow water to flow over the rail more smoothly through turns. The rails on the bottom in the front half of the board are quite tucked and convert to a harder, but still tucked, rail through the middle, ending with a sharp edge just in front of the fins. They are glassed using 4 oz and 6 oz cloth on the deck with a resin tint and a clear 6 oz cloth on the bottom. This is a pretty standard glassing schedule at this size range because it is durable, but not too heavy, keeping performance in mind. Vinny's boards are valued at a different level of authenticity, quality, and character compared to others. The pleasing resin colours, solid glass jobs, dense foam, thick stringers, fine finishing and being built by one set of hands throughout the whole process is what sets these boards at a higher standard than others. 


Orange tint – 6’10”x 21 1/8” x 2 3/4" 
Blue tint – 7’0” x 21 1/8” x 2 3/4" 
Yellow tint – 7’2” x 21 1/4" x 2 3/4” 


6/4 x 6 oz


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