Picture Organics Equation Wetsuit: An Environmentally Responsible Wetsuit

ENVIRONMENTALLY Responsible Wetsuits By Picture organics.  

Most surfers are quick to stand up for our environment but just how much impact does surfing and our surfing equipment have on the planet? The answer is a lot more than we would like to admit. The large majority of surfboards and wetsuits are made from oil based materials which are not sustainable. While some in the surf industry do make efforts to reduce their environmental impact, there’s still far too much ‘green washing’ going on and too many companies with their heads in the sand.

Check out this quick vid to see how Picture make their Eicoprene.

One company doing their part is Picture Organics. Started in France in 2008 by three friends who bonded over their love of snowboarding, skating, kiteboarding, surfing and anything adventurous in the outdoors. Their idea for Picture was to create quality, functional and long-lasting outdoor products that have as little impact on the environment as possible. Fast-forward twelve years and their products are made from 100% recycled, organic or responsibly sourced materials; have won international industry awards for sustainability, functionality and quality; sold all around the globe; follow fair and ethical production standards.

The new Picture Equation wetsuit is one of the most environmentally responsible wetsuits we’ve had available at Hydro and is a testament to Picture’s ethos. Pictures wetsuit programme aimed to ‘wipe out fossil fuel’ and the Equation doesn’t feature any oil based materials at all. These latest wetsuits are made from ‘Eicoprene’ rather than neoprene. Eicoprene is a non-petroleum based synthetic foam, 100% made from a combination of recycled car tyres and limestone. Both the internal and external fabrics used in the Equation are made from 100% recycled polyamide (old fishing nets) and recycled polyester (old plastic drink bottles). The glue used to laminate both external and internal fabrics to the Eicoprene is called Aqua-A and unlike most glues used in wetsuits, it is 100% water based and solvent free. A big part of what makes a product sustainable is how long it lasts and Picture back their alternatively manufactured wetsuits to last as well as any other brands traditional wetsuits. All Picture wetsuits are covered by a two-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects. According to Picture’s Eco-Friendly policy, repair is their first choice as fixing rather than throwing away is much better for the environment.     

All these environmentally sound practices and manufacturing techniques don’t count for much if the product doesn’t perform, and Picture are well aware of this. Picture Equation wetsuits are designed with performance in mind and are jam packed with innovative features to help you surf hard and surf for hours without getting chilled or chafed, as Picture themselves say: “comfort, stretch and versatility is what our Equation series is all about”.

The Picture Equation features: Triple glued and blind stitched seams for ample stretch and watertight durability, water tight seals around ankles and wrists, extra padded ‘comfort zones’ to protect your ribs when paddling, ultra-smooth ‘Glideskin’ neck seal for comfort and to stop water flushing, 3d-kitted WPF lining adds warmth by trapping air between each loop and provides extra comfort, fuse cut finished edges for increased durability, drain holes to drain any unwanted water quickly. What else could you possibly ask for?

If you’re ready to try something different than your normal wetsuit this winter or wish to lower your environmental impact while surfing, then give Picture wetsuits a go! We’ve got the Picture Equation 4/3mm chest zip steamer in Men’s and Women’s both in-store and online.

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