Matunas: The Best Surf Wax!


High Performance, Nice and Sticky, Environmentally Friendly Surf Wax.

How much do you know about the impact your surfing and the surf related products that you purchase have on our environment? While many surfers understand that traditional surfboard materials are highly toxic, most don’t even think about what their favourite surf wax is made out of or how it will almost certainly have a negative impact on our planet. Switching to an environmentally sustainable surf wax is a great first step in reducing your surfing’s environmental impact as it’s quick, easy and cheap to do.

Matunas is the world’s first certified 100% organic, biodegradable, vegan, non-toxic and eco-friendly surf wax. It first appeared on our radar back in 2013 and Hydro has been stocking Matunas ever since because it’s the best surf wax you can get!

Since 1998 Matunas has been made from a blend of organic plants and materials including jasmine, raspberries, clay, strawberries and apricot tree sap, which are all grown on the Matunas family farm in Santa Cruz, California. Unlike almost every single other surf wax brand on the planet which produce products that are extremely bad for the environment, Matunas do not use any petrol-chemicals, paraffin’s, bees wax or soy based ingredients in their surf wax. Yet Matunas works better than traditional surf wax.

Matunas founder Matt Mattoon spent his time at university majoring in Environmental Chemistry. After he completed this degree, he went on to do graduate courses in Organic Chemistry as well. He then used this acquired knowledge (plus a few years of R&D) to create today’s Matunas wax formula.

All Matunas packaging is recycled. The cardboard boxes it’s shipped in and the paper labels are made from 100% recycled materials. Plus their labels are printed with a non-toxic, recycled soy ink. All of these recycling efforts have been F.S.C certified. Matunas is supported by Patagonia and is the only surf wax sold at Patagonia’s retail stores because both companies share the same ethos: To only create sustainable, organic, eco-friendly products without compromising quality or performance.

Giving back to the wider surf community is important to Matunas and they support various events and charities around the world. Most notably they are a proud supporter of the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve the world’s oceans, waves and beaches with a focus on water quality, beach access and surf spot preservation. Recently Matunas teamed up with Faces 4 Autism, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and support of children with Autism and their families, to create a limited edition ‘Blue Wonderland’ surf wax to sell as a fundraiser. Matunas also support the ‘Noosa Festival of Surfing’ one of the longest running and largest surfing festivals.

Matunas provide quality, durable, high performance surf wax in four different temperatures: cold, cool, warm and tropical. Plus they make a sturdy Base wax to lay the perfect foundation. All Matunas wax bars are a whopping 90g, while most other wax brands will only be 70g-85g per bar, so you get more bang for your buck too!

Matunas has been proven to work better than traditional surf wax time and time again. All surf websites and magazines that have conducted ‘surf wax tests’ or ‘wax reviews’ that have included Matunas have seen Matunas as the top organic wax and always places inside the top five. The World Surf League were so impressed with the high performance abilities of Matunas surf wax coupled with their environmental and sustainable practices that they reached out to Matunas and offered them the title of Official Surf Wax of the WSL.

The Matunas family farm just outside of Santa Cruz, California where all Matunas wax ingredients are organically grown.


Former World Champion Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew: “I’ve been surfing with Matunas wax for a while now at home and overseas and it is as good as anything I’ve used. It beads onto the deck of your board in perfect little bumps giving it a great fell under your feet.

Stab Magazine journalist and author of Stab Magazines wax test Michael Ciaramella: Matunas surf wax is soft in a way that allows your feet to dig in and grip the board with an abundance of ‘feel’. I found this wax delightful in the way it caressed my digits, and overall it gets the job done with style and class. Top Ten Surf Waxes of 2020: Along with the eco-friendly nature of this wax, it is also one of the best quality surf waxes on the market. The wax is easy to apply, giving you more time in the water. It also is long-lasting, so you won’t need to constantly disrupt your surf to reapply wax!  

Next time you need some more surf wax, please consider the environmental impact your surfing may have on our planet and give Matunas wax a try, we strongly believe you’ll be impressed by just how well it outperforms other major wax brands! 

When trying Matunas, we highly recommend starting out fresh and removing the old wax from your surfboard as mixing different wax brands never ends well. Then, start applying Matunas Base Wax to your board until a nice foundation layer has formed, this should only use about ¼ to ½ of a 90g bar of base wax to form. Lastly, apply the temperature specific wax on top of your base layer until you reach your desired wax job. Remember to give your board a quick rub with your temperature specific wax before each surf for maximum grip and control. 

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