Matunas Organic Air Freshener

Do you like the smell of surf wax? The quick answer is YES!

Surfer or not, it seems everyone has figured out other surf wax scented air freshners are the key to a nice smelling car these days. Matunas Organic Coconut scented air fresheners are the best; their handmade from recycled materials into a two toned surfboard shape, and scented with the sweet, sweet smell of organic coconut wax.

If you're already hooked on another flavour air freshner, have a look at the back of your last air freshner packet and you'll probably notice toxic warning label such as - "do not touch" etc, etc.
When we saw that it got us thinking, if it's not safe to touch, it's probably the not safe to be huffing in the confinds of your car is it!!? We'll let you answer that for yourself.

Matunas Organic Air Freshners deliver the good, and are great for keeping your car, office, bathroom, boat and house smelling sweet, without harming the environment - or you!

Price: $10.99
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