Coffee Table Books by CPL

Two New Books from 'Photo CPL Media' have arrived in store.

We like books because books are cool, and you should like books too. But even if reading isn't your thing you will still like these books cause they are full of beautiful surf, landscape & beach lifestyle photos for you to glance at. And for the book worms there are some pretty classic kiwi tales to read. 

It feels special holding these books in your hands, something that is grossly underrated in this ever increasingly digital age. Even just a quick five minutes flicking through them inspires us to explore more of our very own back yard with boards under our arms. And just remember for it to be called a photograph, it has to be printed.

First we have the revised addition of one of CPL's most popular books, The South Seas. This book shows off New Zealand's stunning coast line from a surfers perspective, from the top of the north island to the bottom of the south. For this venture CPL enlisted the help of the best surf photographers from around New Zealand. The original book sold out of two print runs & this one is bound to do the same with 75% of the book being updated & an extra 16 pages. There is a great chapter on Otago & Southland with many classic spots & friendly faces you will recognize, (& some you may not). The book not only does a good job showing off New Zealand's coast but also points out just how unique each province is. 

If it didn't say Auckland it could be the channel aye?

Everyone likes Kaikoura

Left: Tunnel Beach pumping, Right: um....some unknown mystery spot???

Left: Another nice shot of the channel....., Right: Solid Papa's 

Last but not least we have a new book from one of the most established surf photographers in the south island, Warren Hawke. NZ Surf: The Collection Volume .1 is one part photo book, part classic surf magazine & part story book. It has something for everyone from the surf stoked grom, to the salty old local & even the casual weekend warrior. Warrens unwavering passion for local surfing is really strong & is shown not only through his vintage photos from the early days of surfing in NZ but through conversations with modern day heroes like Billy Stairmand. This book will look great sitting on the coffee table at home or down at the batch.

This page layout is bound to get some of the old dogs feeling nostalgic & searching for their own albums.

More love for Kaikoura.

The title text on this page might be a little bit David Carson inspired, which is of course a very good thing. 

A dreamy left hand pit.

Always nice to see talented locals in the spotlight. 

If you like the sound of either of these books, click here. 

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