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Protect Your Ears When Surfing This Winter.

Any cold water and wind that gets into your ears promotes bone growth as the ear looks to protect itself from these harsh elements. If left untreated this painful growth will eventually need surgery to be removed. Surfer’s Ear (Exostosis) can start to develop in children so it’s best to start using ear plugs in the surf from as early as possible! [More]

2021 JS Surfboards Range

2021 JS surfboards Range: We've got five new JS Surfboard models in stock which cover almost every wave conditions, surfing style, body type and ability! JS Surfboards have always been world leaders when it comes to high performance surfboards for elite surfers but in the last few years they’ve branched out and created some excellent funboards too! [More]

A Quick Guide To Mid Length Surfboards

A Quick Guide To Mid Length Surfboards: Mid length surfboards have been described by some as the surfcraft equivalent of a Volvo station wagon and while this term is often used disparagingly, it’s somewhat accurate as mid lengths are incredibly versatile, reliable and even seen as a great one board quiver. [More]

New Channel Islands Quiver

We’ve got a whole quiver’s worth of new Channel Islands surfboards in-store and online! Now with a total of six different CI models to choose from, you can pick a blade for whatever kind of waves you love to surf the most. Or you can completely kit out your own quiver with a different CI board for every occasion. [More]