Protect Your Ears When Surfing This Winter.

Best Protect Ya Neck Ears!

Winter is easily the best time to surf if you can handle the cold. Plenty of swell, less devil wind and mellowed out crowds. There are however some downsides to winter surfing, with the worst being the increased chance of developing Surfer’s Ear (Exostosis). Any cold water and wind that gets into your ears promotes bone growth as the ear looks to protect itself from these harsh elements. If left untreated this painful growth will eventually need surgery to be removed. Surfer’s Ear (Exostosis) can start to develop in children so it’s best to start using ear plugs in the surf from as early as possible!

JUNIOR 2.0 Ear Plugs are perfect for every frothing grom! Firstly they can be custom fitted to each little grommie ear for the right fit. Secondly they let in more sound than any other ear plug, all while keeping water out! Plus they even work for kids with actual grommets in their ears. JUNIOR 2.0 has taken all the best innovations from the wildly successful SurfEars 3.0 to make a massive leap from the original JUNIOR plug.

JUNIOR 2.0 includes an improved ergonomic fit to help the plug sit in the ear more naturally, provide a better seal, produce a clearer pathway for sound and increase comfort. Colour coded Left & Right plugs help kids to fit the correct plug to the correct ear. JUNIOR 2.0 has two different sized sealing gels compared to the original JUNIOR’s one. So not only can JUNOIR 2.0 fit more children, but can provide a better seal. This also increases the life of JUNIOR 2.0, as kids grow they can move up to the next sized sealing gel. JUNIOR 2.0 is made from softer silicone than which not only improves comfort but allows the sealing gels to better conform to the shape of each individual ear, creating a much better seal. Compared to the original JUNIOR, JUNIOR 2.0 has a much larger active mesh area which lets in way more sound, while keeping out water, bacteria and dirt.

Both SurfEars 3.0 & JUNIOR 2.0 are also great for preventing ‘swimmers ear’ (Otitis Externa). A common misconception about ear plugs is that you only need to wear them in cold water climates. Many surfers from warmer parts of the world than New Zealand still suffer from surfers ear and swimmers ear, in some cases both. Ear infections are even more common in popular surf destinations like Bali, where pollution and warm water create a lot of bacteria in the water.


You can get both SurfEars 3.0 and JUNIOR 2.0 Ear Plugs Right Here. We don’t go in the water without them and neither should you. Let Sound In – Keep Water Out!

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