Hydro presents: 'Almost Pumping'.

Almost Pumping

A Short Surf Film by Isaac Chadwick.

After a slow summer of surf, some of the crew decided it was time to pack their bags and boost over to the fabled  Indonesian Islands for winter. Fever dreams and pristine tubes awaited them however so did multiple f*ck arounds and  hectic injury's. Upon returning home, the balance is restored with some quiet, equally almost pumping, heavy, cold water sessions.

Filmed and put together by Isaac Chadwick, this film features Hydro Team Riders, Jack Mcleod, Ollie Charlesworth, Elliott Brown, Ruben Peyroux, Simon Buerki and Jordan Sparrow, having a good time as they hunt for that 'pumping' session around Southeast NZ, and South East Asia.

Spoilers in the title, ENJOY!

Almost Pumping Surf Film

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