Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos Updated FCS II Shaper Fin

Fcs II Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos Fins

Stoked to finally have the new FCS II Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos fins in store. This classic fin template has been given a new lease on life by taking full advantage of the FCS II Performance Carbon Core Construction (PCC) along with some pretty buzzy new graphics too. The PCC construction has the fastest response time of all the FCS fin materials & gives the fin a very uniform flex pattern from base to tip, providing a very positive feel when turning. This allows surfers the freedom to perform tight turns in the pocket with an emphasis on speed, which is great cause turning right in the pocket is both fun & functional and speed is almost always your friend. Comes as both a Thruster set & a Tri-Quad in small, medium & large. The MB works well in both high performance shortboards & hybrid models alike so it really is a great fin to consider no matter how you surf or what you ride.

The MB is very much an 'all round' high performance fin, sitting somewhere between the Performer & the Reactor. It’s a very versatile template that’s perfect for making acute directional changes in hollow sections, while providing enough control for advanced surfers performing at the highest level. The template's up right stance also provides great down-the-line stability, and has just enough bite when venturing out on the open face. The large size MB is particularly good for heavier surfers looking for a high performance fin. 

Mason Ho using the new FCS II MB's to good effect.

“Mason Ho is the surfer who probably uses my fin the most and is a good example of the speed and flow of this fin, with his ability to break off track real quick for reactive, spontaneous surfing. A fast, forgiving fin that’s fun for everyone.” MATT BIOLOS

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