2017 Hydro Christmas Works Do.

HYdro staff Fishing Trip

At first light on Wednesday morning a ‘Gone Fishing’ sign was proudly placed on the front door of our wee shop as we headed out to Carey’s Bay to meet up with our Skipper for the day Peter Scott of Fierce Elegance Charters & his Deck Hand Mike Trewan. Peter took us on board his 15m catamaran ‘Fierce Elegance’ & we made our way out of a very glassy Otago harbor. As we rounded the Otago peninsular the crew spotted what might be a never before surfed right hander (sorry, can’t say where it is) which I’m sure we’ll be checking next time there’s a decent swell up that way.

Glassy as.

Product Placement 

Groms all geared up.

Chris pretending he's not about to throw up. 

Jack Johnson tagged along too.

The dynamic duo, KG & Leroy.

To our surprise we didn’t hug the coastline but were taken out to sea by Peter, deep sea fishing was on the menu today. Fishing at depths between 140m to 320m was made very easy with the electric fishing rods supplied. Earlier in the week Leroy had made cheeky comment about electric rods being for wusses (he didn’t think we would be fishing that deep). Peter heard about this & made sure Leroy had the only manual rod. KG claimed she would get the first fish & within minutes of dropping her line she pulled up the first of what would become many Blue Cod. 

KG & Skipper Peter Claiming it.

One down, many more to go.

Leroy working the manual rod

Who needs an electric reel?

Leroy copping a bit of stick from the boat crew for swapping to an electric rod.

For the next few hours we moved around several spots, picking up many Blue Cod & Jock Stewart along the way, with any sharks caught cucked back into the sea. While we were there to catch fish, we were also lucky enough to see an abundance of life out to sea. From Dolphins to Jellyfish we felt like we saw it all, we even saw a lone fur seal who had ventured a fair way from home. But easily the most impressive thing we saw were several Albatross gliding around the boat, trimming their way across the swell lines & walking on water while they waited for our offcuts. 

Jack about to cash in.

Shaka Bra! 

Hydro's newest staff member Mikaela about to pull up her first shark.

Semisi making it look easy.

Sam with the catch of the day.

Jacob with two jock Stewart & a Shark

Nice one!

Shani with 'just' another Blue Cod.

Doomas fish turned into bait before he could even reel it in.

Don't engage in a staring contest with this evil bird

Albatross cleaning up the scraps. They were amazing to watch. 

The day was capped off with a BBQ at the South Coast Boardriders clubrooms (thanks for letting us use your facilities). KG & Leroy put on an amazing feast & we were treated to some of the best fish many of us had eaten in a long time. The smell coming from the BBQ had grommets running up from the playground to try a piece of fresh fish. Overall it was a fantastic day out on the water & one we won’t forget.

Your lucky you can't smell this through your computer screen.

"i swear the shark i caught was this big!" trading tall tales from a long day on the boat. 

The food on this table did not last long.

Groms waiting patiently for the next round of fresh fish. 

Master chef keeping the punters happy. 

We would like to give Peter & Mike at Fierce Elegance Charters a massive thank you for making this trip possible. Both Peter & Mike made every effort to ensure all of us had a great time. They helped us haul in our catch, re-baited our hooks, untangled our lines & even gutted our fish for us, all while engaging in a bit of friendly banter (mostly at Leroy’s expense). If you are looking for something to do in the outdoors for your next works do or any other social occasions, we highly recommend Fierce Elegance Charters.

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