Softech Rocket Series

Summer is officially here & with it comes those long flat days & endless onshore breezes, rendering your standard shortboard all but useless. Developed on Australia’s east coast, Softech understands your summer slop frustrations better than most & have come up with the ‘Rocket Series’ to increase both your wave count & froth levels when the waves are sub-par. You can even use your FCS fins in them.

Find the Rocket that best suits your style below.

Rocket Launch:

The board that started the rocket series. Originally made for wee grommies to play around on but was soon being pinched by either Dad or older siblings. Now refined for surfers of all abilities to have fun on. Comes with Rocket Softflex tri fins or chuck in your favorite FCS 1 tri fin template.

Rocket Attack:

Twin fin set up. The more manoeuvrable Rocket attack will keep you in the water longer than you had planned for. Mix it up even more by adding in your favourite FCS 1 fins.

Rocket Fish:

It’s only 4’8” but is packed full of volume, so anyone can catch waves & get loose on this soft top twinnie. Glide over fat sections with speed then let rip. The swallow tail will give you control through turns unlike many other foamies & better still, you can clip in any of your FCS II fins!

Kyuss Rocket Fish:

This board looks cool & will make every other surfer in the line-up green with envy. The brain child of supergrom Kyuss King, the Kyuss Fish has the glide & speed of an old school fish mixed with the power & control of a thruster. This double sided slick top foamie is a must for any shred dog’s entering the water on a mushy wave day. Put in your favourite high performance FCS II thruster fins to add even more fun to your session.   

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