SurfEars make local grom, Fletcher Melville their first JUNIOR Ambassador.

Fletcher Melville becomes JUNIOR's First ambassador.

How lucky is this kid? Not only does he get to grow up in the wave rich paradise known as Aramoana, gets taught how to surf buy one of the hardest charges Dunnos has ever seen (his dad) & now he can protect his ears from an early age & will never have to worry about getting 'that' operation on this ears that all surfers dread (& his parents won't have to put up with a grumpy grom that can't go surfing because of an ear infection).

We are stoked to see this local grommie being hooked up by JUNIOR. With his two favorite waves being The Spit & Murders, Fletcher will be surfing in cold southerly winds a lot so protecting his ears is a no brainier. Next time your up The Spit & you see this super grom ripping it up on 5'0" QB, feel free to say hi cause he will still be able to hear you.

Head across to the SurfEars Blog to see more about Fletcher & what he likes to do in the ocean.

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