New Channel Islands Surfboards

Channel island surfboards by AL MERRICK are here!

We have received three different models from Channel Islands that are ready to be shredded! The OG Flyer, Sampler and Fever are three of the most popular boards from CI, and we have a range of sizes from all three! Have a browse below to see what they're all about.

Here's dane Reynolds and Britt Merrick talking over the sampler!

Take your good wave game to conditions that are not. The Sampler was developed with Dane Reynolds to be that step-down board you ride a little shorter and wider in smaller or weaker surf while not sacrificing performance. It fits in your quiver between something fishy and your normal shortboard. Perfect for the sunny St Clair days! 

Britt Merrick goes over the finer details of the OG Flyer.

CI's most popular board of all time the OG Flyer! Best as an everyday board in everyday conditions, The Flyer has a single concave entry to double through the middle and a vee exit, Al’s signature bump squash, slight down rail, and a subtle nose beak.  To be ridden approximately the same length as you are tall. Great all round shortboard to have under your feet this summer! 

Britt Merrick goes over the finer details of the OG Flyer.

Patrick Gudauskas about the Fever:"The Fever was born from a desire for an all-around performance board based on elements I love, Speed, Drive, and Flair.  My Goal in designing this board with Mike Andrews and Channel Islands was to create a surfboard that I could surf in almost any conditions and have a hell of a good time on it.  I wanted a more accessible Tour Performance board that anyone who jumped onto it would instantly feel the speed and zest for creativity." So basically this board is your standard high performance shortboard for when its pumping this summer! 

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