Creative Army Surfboards

Creative army surfboards

Even in the Dunedin the waves can become small, rendering your high performance shorty all but useless. This is where Creative Army come in. They make boards designed to turn your small wave frown upside down. Founded by former ASP World Longboard Champion & 6X Australian Longboard Champion Josh Constable, Creative Army make boards that are inspired by traditional templates but made with the modern surfer in mind. Great for helping beginner surfers progress & challenging advanced surfers to find new lines. Josh has learnt from some of the best longboard & alternative shapers in the world including Bob McTavish, Bob Cooper, Donald Takyama, Timmy Patterson, Greg Brown, Dave Boyd, Garth Day & Chris McCutchinson. All of his acquired surfing & shaping knowledge has been put into these boards to help you get out in the line up and experience the feeling of stoke and trimming down the line.

We have three Creative Army models in store; The Sea Horse, The Jive & The Huevo. Read below for more detail on each model.    

The Seahorse, is a stylish old school, single fin longboard. This board is about forgetting about today’s crazy surfboard designs and getting back to the simpler times and shapes. It has a full template, low rocker and soft rails. Made for endless nose rides and fluid turns. Its low rocker will get you through those hard to make sections (i.e. that section by rock at Murderes)  and soft rails are easily re-set to get in the sweet spot. It works well in small to mid-size waves in clean faces. A blast from the past that any longboard surfer will enjoy in their quiver!

The Jive Model, is a sleek lined trimming machine. It’s single fin set up makes it super smooth thru rail transitions and it’s rolled bottom and pulled in nose and tail make’s it feel unreal for smooth swooping turns while keeping the accelerator on. It’s flatter nose rocker makes for epic nose riding. This board excels on those head high plus days, a great alternative when it’s a bit big for your log but you want that single fin glide. This makes it a great choice for the older crew who ride bigger boards all the time. 

The Huevo, is a classic hybrid board that incorporates the best of both the shortboard and longboard . It round nose and fuller tail gives plenty of floatation and makes paddling a breeze. Where its shorter length and 2 + 1 fin set up makes for fast responsive turns and manoeuvrability. This thing will make surfing St Clair fun again.

We have also received one new DVS 7'6 mid length that looks mental, plus we have more Hypto Krypto's in stock after the last lot ran out the door. Find your new board here.

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